5 Modern Tricks to Sell Your Raleigh Home Fast

5 Modern Tricks to Sell Your Raleigh Home Fast

Gone are the days of pounding the old “for sale” sign into your front lawn and sitting back to wait for buyers to come to you. A new millennium has arrived and, with it, a new real estate market. Sellers must be proactive if they hope to get their home off the market in a timely fashion. Here are 5 modern tricks to sell your Raleigh home fast:

  1. Price your Raleigh home by studying comparable sales.

Nailing down the right price for your Raleigh home is as tricky as is it critical. If your price is too low, you might accept an offer that is beneath the value of your home. If your price is too high, your home could linger on the market, hemorrhaging value.

Luckily, thanks to the internet, you have easy access to data that can help you find the right price for your home. Tap into the power of the web to identify other properties similar to yours and in your area that have recently sold. Use the prices of these comparable sales to estimate your own Raleigh home’s value.

  1. Stage your Raleigh home like a pro.

Buyers jump at clean, bright homes with contemporary finishes. Modern conveniences leave no excuse for not staging your home to check off your buyers’ wish lists.

First, rent appliances from your local home improvement store to pressure wash the outside of your house, freshen up your lawn, and deep clean your carpet. Then, head to social media sites to identify hot trends in home décor. Are buyers swooning over white cabinets? Give your kitchen a quick coat of paint. Organized pantries all the rage? Declutter yours and organize your belongings into attractive, labelled baskets.

  1. Go green.

Buyers are becoming increasingly conscientious about the impact they have on the environment—and they don’t object to saving a few bucks either.

Consider switching a few of your appliances over to green alternatives, and use your ecofriendly features as selling points.

  1. Time your sale.

Your Raleigh home’s value does not stay fixed throughout the year. Instead, it fluctuates with changes in the real estate market. Catch the market on an upswing (common in spring and fall), and you will get a better price for your home.

Use the internet to track changes in market trends. When the market is on the rise, put your Raleigh home up for sale.

  1. Target millennials.

The “millennial” generation is just coming to home-buying age, while previous generations are already snug in their homes. If you’re looking to sell your home, millennials are your target buyers.

Market your home through social media, where millennials tend to hang out. Make sure you post at least six quality photos of your home, preferably showing off your backyard space, open floor plan, or gourmet kitchen—all home features that are prized by the millennial crowd!

People have been selling homes for hundreds of years, but the process of selling homes is ever evolving. To sell your Raleigh home fast, keep up with the times to give yourself a competitive edge when you put your home on the market.

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